Lua Templates is a multi-purpose template rendering engine used to create output in various formats, e.g. HTML pages, plain text, or, LaTeX source files from a template. Lua Templates can contain Lua code or Lua expressions (whence the name), but there is also a powerful mechanism to extend existing templates by re-defining named blocks found in the base template (one could call this an “inheritance” mechanism, and it is actually similar to Django’s block mechanism.)

How Lua Templates Work

Lua Templates are converted to Lua source code, compiled to bytecode and executed when they are parsed for the first time. This generates the output…

Back in 2008, I discovered a bug in the BSD filesystem that has been there for more than 25 years, in all of the major BSDs, read the whole story here:

The other day, I got an email from Edd, an OpenBSD user, claiming that Samba would crash when serving files off an MS-DOS filesystem. This was Samba built from sources and not the one from ports. Since I use myself Samba a lot and for a quite large user base, I got interested in the issue and started investigating it. What I found out in the end is a…

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